Just an update

With work and everything I've decided to temporarily stop selling my items.
I was in a few stores but the demand was too much for me and I wasnt able to contribute like I could.
If Im going to see my things, it will be on my own terms, my own time.
Im stepping away from the zen cart and moving on to something a little better so until then please keep checking back here for some freebies from time to time.

And on a brighter note....
This little girl will be joining our family in 3 weeks..
Her name is Heatley..or will be lol and shes a purebred Boxer..we're soooo excited and cannot wait til we get to bring her home xx

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Tealady said...

You will LOVE your boxer! My daughter and her family have one they got as a puppy and she is a love. She loves "grandma" (that is me - lol). Her name is Leyla and she is a great dog!