Just an update

** picture is a local business here in Ottawa who is showing his displeasure (and I put that quite midly) to the 50 day old bus strike here**

Hey everyone!
Wanted to pop in and give ya all a quick update.
I have a new job now so Im no longer staying at home..bleh...
I work nights so I sleep during the day which doesnt give me much computer time sadly.
I will be hopefully creating a freebie kit this weekend for you all so please keep checking back.
I will also be adding some fantastic tuts that were made with my kits.
Its very tough getting around here because of the OC Transpo strike (public buses).
Many people have had to quit their jobs and its a very sad thing when a company can hold a city of approx 800,000 hostage.
I hope they resolve this issue soon!
So I wish you all a wonderful week!!

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Dianna said...

One of the boys that was in town over the summer to play baseball made a comment that our public transportation system sucks. It does suck, but at least if we had a 50-day old bus strike, no one would notice.