Sorry for being MIA

Hey everyone!!
Havent been around much due to real life..
I just recently lost my best friend Dakota who was only 2 years old.
She thankfully gave us a litter of 7 gorgeous puppies and I'll be ever greatful to her for that precious gift.
She died of a massive infection that quickly took her from us and it was and still is very hard to deal with.
In the short time that I had her, she became my very best friend and I dearly miss her so much.
Shes buried in our backyard so at least I can visit her when I want to.
We will be keeping 2 of her pups and one looks like her so it will be nice to carry on a piece of her.
So I'll be dedicating my kit in honor of her..which is fittingly called ... Live & Love.
I miss you Momma...I hope you enjoy Doggie Heaven xoxo
Here's a few pictures...

Dakota Aug 24th, 2006-Nov 7th, 2008 RIP my lil angel :o(

This is Gabby (Gabrielle) who we're keeping

and this lil monkey is Mya..the 2nd pup we're gonna keep.


Tealady said...

Hi, just wanted you to know that your best friend is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. :) I know how hard it is to lose them.

HSDesigns said...

I am so Sorry for your loss.

Julia said...

I am so sorry for your loss, it would never be the same, but at least, thanks God, she leaves you such a lovely pup├Čes!!! they are sooo cute!!!
I am sure they´re gonna fill your home with so much joy! mum tell us!!


Scraps with Attitude said...

So sorry to hear. I too lost my boxer girl a long time ago. But now I am owned by 3 rotts, and a boxer and 2 macaws.
The puppies are beautiful!! I would take another in a