We have 8 PUPPIES!!! woohoooo

OMG what a night!
We are truly blessed to have witnessed the birth of 8 GORGEOUS puppies
All are thankfuly doing well..
We had a close call with the 8th pup, a white one with one brown spot.
She came out feet first and no sac..so she needed to get out ASAP.
We struggled with the mom to get her to push and when it finally came out,
It was just lifeless..I was so distraught.
We pumped its chest, we rubbed it with a warm towel, Marc gave it mouth to mouth..we did it all!!!
And now shes a thriving, loud puppy whos doing well..
We've decided to keep her and have named her MYA (my little fighter)
I really hope you enjoy them as much as we are!
I didnt post all 8 pics of each pup cuz frankly Im just too tired lol
Havin trouble uploadin the video, so will try later

This one has a a pure black face..too cute she is
The new owners have named her Ali (not saying a word lmao)

This is our all white boxer

this one has a cleft? lip..hehe shes the smallest of the litter
Wanted to call it Wyclef Jam but its not a boy
*As of October 6th she is no longer with us :o( *

This lil one is Mya..which we are gonna keep..shes just so precious to me


Fiona's Designz said...

Your puppies are absolutely gorgeous...Fiona xxx

Teezer said...

Would LOVE to have the white one!! I used to have two white Boxers... they were the most awesomest dogs I've ever owned. I current own a All American Bulldog that looks like a boxer. I am looking for a Male to breed my female with.

Joanne aka JuzJoJo said...

Yeah they are great dogs..the white male has been spoken for. Someone put a deposit on him last week..