We're havin babies..well.sorta...

Well its official!!
Dakota is gonna have a puppies!!
We're so excited...
She got into a fight on friday with Pandora so shes nursing a sore shoulder..
Its more muscle related so shes gonna be fine!
Shes on antibiotics and seems to be coming around more today..
She jumped up onto the bed so thats always a good sign..
Here's some video of her on the front lawn.. its real short lol
Shawn managed to get his finger bitten trying to break up the dogs.
We told him he watches too much Dog Whisperer lol..
He's on antibiotics too for the bite but its minor so he'll be fine...
Pandora sadly is staying with my son until the pups are gone..
We think it was a bout of jealousy that started it so we're gonna be safe rather than sorry..
Shes doing good so Im happy....

Here's some pics of our very tired, pregnant Dakota.
She just got up in the first pic lol..too cute.
Shes probably got 3 weeks left to go...

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