This was my neighborhood today

Ok so I live in Canada where the weather is pretty normal, all things considering.
We might get a minor tremble every other year..reminents of a hurricane or just a bad snowstorm.
However today Mother Nature kinda freaked me out.
I swear, I've never seen skies so black before, so fierce looking, so very intimidating.
This was the scene at approx 4:00 pm today.
By 4:30, it was in full swing...and I had to drive in it...YIKES!!!
My poor hubby trying to comfort me on the ride home, didnt work lol.
Anyone that knows me, knows Im TERRIFIED of storms!!!
My son on the other hand was the one who took this picture and was out in it hoping to see his first tornado *yes he is certifiably insane* lol..
Anyways, here's a taste of Mother Nature, enjoy!

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