Just a quick note about the layouts

Just wanted to let you all know that I revamped the layouts.
The size was off due to the width of my blog which I modified.
So I decided to changed them all and I hope they fit ok now.
Please feel free to change it up if you're already using of my other layouts.
The instructions are in the zip file on how to add the layout.
Again, the best site to upload to is tinypic.com.
And your banner shouldnt be any wider than 630.
Please take the time to read the text file with the layout.
Im off to bed..got a baaaaaaaad sinus cold and its taken the good outta me.
Thanks to Sunf for taggin me and deeming me worthy of an award lol..
Serina..thanks to you too..I havent forgotten ya..xx
Sharon, relax hehe and enjoy your trip!! Cya when you get back xx
Off to find Tika..need to harass that woman to get a blog lol

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